Terra Organica wines are made from grapes grown organically this means no weed killers, synthetic fertilisers or insecticides.

We strive to create wines which truly reflect the land they come from, ensuring that respect for nature and preservation of the environment are always paramount.

The Terra Organica Range:

Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry NV, DOC: Our sparkling Prosecco is made from organic grapes planted on the hills around Treviso in Northern Italy. Careful farming procedures yield grapes of intense quality and flavour which make this Prosecco so deliciously fruity

Rioja Navarrsotillo DOC: Our wine is made from organic grapes planted by Navarrsotillo in Rioja, Spain. The perfect ripening conditions of this location allow the juicy cherry flavours of the Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes to develop to the full.

Cabernet Sauvignon IGP OC from France: Full-bodied with an abundance of classic blackcurrant, morello cherry and spicy flavours. The wine is well structured with soft tannins.


Organic – why drink anything else ?


Wines which reflect and respect the land they come from


Respect for nature and preservation of the environment are always paramount

Deliciously fruity and delicately sparkling, from grapes with intense quality and flavour
Silky red wine with blackcurrant and cherry flavours

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