About Us

We are a small, dedicated team of wine professionals based in Hampshire. Our wine experts have over 50 years’ experience in finding and sourcing fine wines with a passion for organic wines. We care about the environment and sustainability. 

We have often been disappointed with the quality and value of organic wines available, so we decided to create our own organic and vegan friendly range of Terra Organica wines. We scoured the wine world to find producers who share our passion for organic growing and winemaking. Our team have picked family owned and family run businesses to work with. Our experts visit them to work along side their winemakers, selecting and blending high quality wines, which truly reflect where they come from.

So what are organic wines? 

They are wines made from grapes grown organically, this means no weed killers, synthetic fertilisers or pesticides are used. The winemaking also follows organic rules, having lower levels of sulphites to preserve the wines than permitted in standard wine production. Our producers use Bentonite clay or pea gelatine to clarify the wines, rather than using animal products such as eggs and milk, so our wines are vegan friendly too.

Our family of Terra Organica producers make their own compost from recycled grape seeds, grape skins, grape stalks and manure. One even has a huge wormery to improve their soils. They promote biodiversity in their vineyards, by planting and maintaining biological corridors which teem with wildlife (including predators of grape and vine eating insects). In between the rows of the vines they introduce nitrogen fixing plants which help to fertilise the soil, as well as help to keep the weeds under control. Energy and water conservation is an important part of our producers’ sustainability programs too, as is caring for the local communities.

We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy working with our producers and bringing the wines to you.