Terra Organica Malbec
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Terra Organica Malbec
Terra Organica Malbec

Terra Organica Malbec

£64.98 / case or £10.83 / bottle

Product name: Terra Organica Malbec

Source Country: Argentina

Producer: Familia Zuccardi

Winemaker: Ruben Ruffo

Tasting Note: A deeply coloured rich and fruity Malbec with flavours of damson plums, black cherries and a hint of spice.

Food Match: Grilled red meats, stuffed red peppers or pizza.

Organic Attributes:

  • Grapes for this wine are all picked from the vineyards which are certified organic vineyards
  • Familia Zuccardi produce their own compost made from grape skins and stems which is used in the vineyards as a fertilizer. They also have a vast wormery to help with the production of compost
  • There are more than 70 hectares of forests and parks around the vineyards providing oxygen to the environment
  • Pesticide management done organically and without any chemicals
  • Familia Zuccardi promote the creation of biological corridors with varied species, with a view to having flowers all year-round which host plagues and diseases to prevent them going on the vines. Livestock has been introduced for weed control and manure production
  • Minimal use of sulphar dioxide

Terra Organica Malbec

Caring for the environment

  • 100% of the water used in the Familia Zuccardi wine-making process is recovered and reused for irrigation of our vineyards
  • There are more than 1,100 hectares where the flora and fauna are left to remain native
  • Familia Zuccardi have worked to reduce overall packaging by 25% - reduction of bottle weights of around 17%, reduction of use of plastic
  • Use of solar energy – there are solar preheating systems to heat the water in the restrooms and photoelectric sensors are used to illuminate the winery perimeter
  • Energy reduction – all the rooms of the winery are thermally insulated with jackets and cooling systems. Every area of the winery and all equipment used in the winery has an independent energy supply in order to activate only the energy required.
  • Energy reduction – 30% of all vehicles used on site are electric

Zuccardi Wormery