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Terra Organica was founded because we wanted to do wine differently.

Loving wine means loving the land and communities it comes from. We support artisan winemakers who help restore the environment and fight against climate change (you can read more about why organic wine is good for the environment here). And we do all this without the hefty price tags or most importantly without simply greenwashing.

We’ve previously talked about our membership of 1% For the Planet, but we want to shout about it again! 1% is a global network of businesses and individuals collectively taking action to help the environment. Counting 3,400+ in number, the idea is simple: donate 1% of revenue to an environmental cause. It adds up to have genuine global impact.

Did you know: only 3% of all philanthropic giving goes to the environment? 

As a business, we give 1% of our annual revenue directly to environmental causes that are approved by 1% For the Planet. You can read more about membership here. You don’t even need to be a business to get involved.

You get to choose who we donate to this year!

We’re holding a vote so that you, our customers and supporters, can be involved in selecting three worthy causes from the approved list. Should we tackle climate, food, wildlife or pollution? Read more about our charities shortlist below; then head to our Facebook page or Instagram to cast your vote.

The shortlist:

Climate category


Sustrans makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, to create liveable neighbourhoods, transform the school run and deliver a happier, healthier commute. Sustrans makes the case for walking and cycling by using robust evidence and showing what can be done. Grounded in communities, they believe that grassroots support combined with political leadership drives real change, fast.

Food category


Fareshare exists because 1 in 8 people in the UK are living in poverty and a quarter of those who regularly go without meals are children. At the same time this poverty co-exists alongside thousands of tonnes of food going to waste every day. Through their 21 regional centres, Fareshare receives surplus food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, cereals and dairy products, and sends it to partners, who turn it into meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the UK.

Wildlife category

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Bumblebees are iconic, charismatic and captivating insects that play a vital role in our lives by pollinating our crops and 80% of our native wildflower species. However, their numbers and distribution are declining. 98% of our lowland meadows have been lost to intensive agriculture, urban development or simply neglect, leaving bumblebees hungry and homeless. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is the only UK charity dedicated entirely to supporting the conservation of bumblebees. Their vision is to create communities and countryside rich in bumblebees and colourful wildflowers, supporting a diversity of wildlife and habitats for everyone to enjoy.

Pollution category

Ocean Generation/ Plastic Oceans UK

Plastic Ocean UK  / Ocean Generation’s mission is to stop plastic reaching the ocean within a generation. Currently, 8.5 million tonnes of plastic reach our oceans every single year. This is hugely damaging to the marine environment and impacts human health as well. Ocean Generation develops tools to help people and businesses take action to stop plastic entering the environment in the first place.


Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page or Instagram to cast your vote. We’ll announce the winning charities by the end of the year.

If you’d like to donate further, we also include an option to donate £1 to 1% For the Planet when you check out on our website. Just click the donate button and your £1 will go straight to our chosen cause at the end of the year. You can read more about the great work 1% For the Planet does and perhaps even consider becoming a member yourself.


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